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Default Re: Catholic priest convicted over satanic ritual murder of nun

Actually, this sounds pretty tame compared to some of the O.T.O practices,etc.

Pedophilia is purported to be one of their specialties, too. In fact, it's kind of funny, but a lot of pedophiles join the O.T.O. thinking it's just a front for pedo's; as soon as the initiation is done, it's like, "Hey, where are the 12-year-olds???" So the elders just kind of slap their collective foreheads and quietly distance themselves. I mean, really! What's a serious satanist supposed to do with all of these weirdos, anyway?

Above is a link for Ted Gunderson and the McMartin Preschool cover-up.

Mr. Gunderson identifies pedophiles in government, entertainment, & professional sports.
It is not surprising to me that some will eventually show up in organized religions.
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