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Heres the problem. The only way the towers could of fallen at free fall speeds is if there where demolitions in the building. Otherwise it would lag about a second for every floor it hit so the pancake theory was bs from the beginning. The firefighters openly admit they had put out or where going to put out the small fires that where not raging inferno's. All the witnesses there saw and felt the explosions of the demolitions. The bottom was covered in demolition powder. The aircraft that hit had no windows so it was not a commercial jet airliner. Also all the fuel spilled out onto the outside in one fireball. Jet fuel has a low flash point so it could not have possibly generated enough heat to even make steal lose half its strength. The very maker of the building said it was impossible. No key structure was even hit. Then you have the owner admitting he pulled WTC-7. The one that was not struck by a plane but mysteriously fell anyway over a mile away. Now you say well he pulled it so what? How the heck did he setup a pull in that amount of time? It takes the most top notch team in the world weeks to plan and then setup in the right spots so that the pull goes without a hitch. Even then an expert team doing it as fast as they can mind you will make alot of mistakes so they would never do a pull as quick as they possibly can. That tower was already setup in advance to be pulled. You would have to be in a cave to believe they where able to setup a picture perfect pull in the amount of time they had. He pulled the building because the plane that was supposed to hit the tower got shot down by a general who disobeyed orders and ordered the plane be shot down. That general lost his job and the pilot who shot down the plane openly admits he shot it down. This you will not see on your magical glowing box anytime soon. They pulled all three buildings. Worse is the one that he openly admited to pulling he still collected the insurance in case of terrorist attack he specifically put on the buildings when he purchased them just before 9-11.
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