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As I said before, I'm trying to become a better writer, although I started off writing this piece confident that it would be written somewhat good, the more I read it the more I was unsure how it sounded, so Im going to put down what I wrote so far, and I want you to give me your honest opinion of it.
Should I give up trying to be a writer or are there just a few things I might want to consider changing in this piece?
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The world is in a rapid tailspin down, and the only way America and the rest of the world will ever survive the lunatics in power, is if someone finally comes along that can unite all of the splintered groups out here.
Although we all want the same things, we can't seem to figure out how to escape a pergatory of inexactitude, and infighting.
It seems as though most people out there are waiting for a second coming to bring mankind into a new era of reason , and although I also hope that there is something to this , I would rather see us get together and get it accomplished ourselves first , wouldn't that also make Jesus more proud ?
The fact of the matter is, we are fighting a beast that seems that no army can bring down, not even its own from the inside, it is accomplishing world domination, and it continues to force the world to submit to its global strategy, thus riding the backs of the poor, while raising the powermad to unprecidented heights.
In a more perfect world, those who profess the Christian view as their cornerstone , but refuse to see that the direction of our world is heading in a perilous way, must be made to understand that they may be the first in line to be repremanded for not following their hearts, but from following the empire of the beast.
The fact of the matter is the religeous right do go out and vote in large numbers, in their fall to their knees beliefs and support of these leaders, they will continue to cause our world to succumb to a false idiology.
Who is to convince them that when Jesus said on the cross, Forgive them father, for they know not what they do, is something they need to consider is also aimed at them?
I can't see into the future, but as long as we can't get together and get a viable front against the New World Order, and while the religeous right refuse to scrape the sleep from their eyes and recognize our present fall from the teachings of GOD, the world will fall to something more evil than a plutocracy, that will decide what GOD it is that we must soon follow.
We need a more concerted effort against these blinded individuals, we must try as hard as we can to show them the hypocracy of their ways. We need to get the word out that the person that they may be voting for in November may make the world one more step closer to the world the bible had warned them about.
We need to pool our strengths, because there's not a single benevolent truth seeker out there that will purchase a broadcasting corporation for the benefit of the people of the world to spread the truth.
In the absence of Christ, we need to get this done by ourselves.
The question is how would you wake the sleeping masses that don't want to be awoken?
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