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Default Re: The Coming American Holocaust?

"The idea is all about the LEGAL controls and consolidations of such economies in order to facilitate future political and military takeovers of the countries, all by legal means in the name of global security and peace. War and chaos in the affected countries may be necessary, yet the legal, political and diplomatic manipulations are another ways of getting or forcing the countries to accept takeovers in exchange for something "rewarding" or whatever that is."

This much I could not have said better.... Alumbrado obviously understand exactly how the game is played and...

"Set in stone" after nuclear war? Not!

Nothing is set in stone by these NWo jackasses. They'd like to think their plans are set in stone and very rarely do things actually go as they have planned. They ride with the punches, just like you and me. The NWO will not succeed. Arseholes always shit when they only meant to fart. That system will quickly collapse in the light of truth.

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