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Default Re: Elites Communicate Their Successes With Occult Symbols

And soon we may be facing snake eyes . . . :-o

I am picking up clues of an attack on the divinity of Christ, as well his existence. The "Holy Grail" theories, the "Judas Gospel" hoax, and now we see in science news a renewed effort to validate evolutionary theory as an ALTERNATIVE to Theism, instead of an adjuct to it.
I picked up a well-respected magazine recently and to my shock saw a small piece on "Order out of Chaos", meaning that if an interlinked system is fed chaotic input (such as static into a radio) the output can show a higher level of order = reverse entropy!
And as we know, reverse entropy is a necessary tenet of the "Spark of Life" theory of how RNA and DNA sprung from the primordial soup of the prehistoric oceans, etc.
It would, in my opinion, be easier to prove that extraterrestrials seeded the Earth than to prove what they are trying to prove in this piecemeal fashion. :-D
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