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Default Re: Conspiracy of Silence


Although the video has spread like wildfire across the Internet, I have yet to see any scans or images from newspapers or TV Guide listing Conspiracy of Silence as being scheduled to be aired on May 3rd, 1994.

I even went so far as to track down a copy of TV Guide for that week, but much to my dismay there was no listing for the documentary on that day, or any other day for that matter. In fact, there was absolutely no reference to Conspiracy of Silence anywhere in book!
The same thing happened to a man named Ted Gunderson ( who continued searching the archives until he found the listing in a Philadelphia newspaper, as I recall. One of his videos shows the actual page from the television listing which has the show listed for the date and time. He merely found a newspaper that had the older listing, that's all.

As for pedo rings, etc., whenever they get serious heat and exposure, they begin to crumble from within. Especially when one or more are incarcerated; they are usually found "suicided" in their cells. After all, the ones that got away want to stay in the dark.

And please remember that an estimated 80% of adult entertainment and underground prostitution are controlled by organized crime. These guys are heavy hitters and DO NOT care who they hurt for their friends.
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