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Default Re: Conspiracy of Silence

Thanks again for the link, although this is old news to me (i've been researching this for years).

As for the FOIA, I would be either laughed at or taken away by men in black since i'm a Canadian citizen

... And yes, if I ever discover any locations where these atrocities are being committed, rest assured that I will make the world completely aware of them!

Since these crimes are so well protected I may never find them... Evidence strongly suggests that these types of activities are conducted mainly at military bases and in government buildings. It sounds incredible, but then again so does this whole conspiracy!

An open mind and freedom of thought and speech are the greatest tools we have in these dark times.

One other thing: I recently came across some information discussing a mass-grave of children found outside Montreal. Unfortunately, no exact location has been named from what I can tell, nor can I find any media articles detailing the find, save some 'conspiracy' sites. If you are aware of this find could you please post some links to this info if available? If this is true then it is imperative that the Canadian media report on such a find.

Thanks in advance.
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