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Default Re: The Absurdities of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Your Time is Running Short

You as a American have a duty to throw a WRENCH every now and then, in the NWO wheel of slavery and bondage, of course most of you are too chicken-shit to do anything like at least calling,faxing, e-mailing your congress people, you'd be surprised at how doing something as simple as venting your disgust at them, tastefully that is, they'll listen, they are getting the message in the House, It's the Senate that people need to flood with mail! Of course I'm very familiar with History, and history shows people would rather do nothing and let the OTHER people take care of it, well as I say history will REPEAT ITSELF.

You folks up in Canada

Don't think you people up there in Canada are getting off easy, when America HOPEFULLY rejects amnesty for the 20million ILLEGALS, they'll be coming up your way. :-o North American Free Trade Agreement means SLAVERY and BONDAGE to the BANKERS of the Illuminati! ca_fact_sheet.pdf

Your last free chance to voice your disgust at them is running short
Don't worry they won't hunt you down and send you off to the already waiting CONCENTRATION CAMPS yet. North American Community means a Continent of 2BILLION PEOPLE!
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