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Default Re: Illuminati Underground Hideouts

Thanks for bringing this to light. Even though I've heard about this in another thread several months ago, alot of people don't realize just how sophisticated these underground hideaways are.
In fact, a church run by a popular lady minister...I forget her name...has underground living accommodations, classroom set-ups, computers (and to whom is she sending emails, eh???) and activity rooms, etc, etc.

There are those that have everything 'planned' out for when the 'time' comes.

We....where are we going to go if we are attacked?

Are we not part of the 'chosen'????

By the way, rumour has it that these so called UFO's are non other than the good ole USA's latest and greatest!!!! And they are underground as well.

So many might not agree with me, but...the UFO's and other things that we only see in sci-fi flicks are already in use. And they are all underground just waiting for the 'chosen'.

Laugh if you will, but...maybe here in the South we better have a underground shelter under our homes...if you own one. fried or whatever.

Anyone who thinks that there is no earth below...
meaning inside the earth...better re-read the bible. It is full of this stuff. Info I mean.

As someone once mentioned....the bible gives suggestions, ideas, plans,...not just prophecies.

This is a spin on 'below as above'.

Believe me the 'new earth' is just around the corner. Or should I say, temporarily below the surface...until the 'new time' comes.

We are all learning about this stuff, and when too many people get a wind of this, and the fact that they are not part of the club....chao baby!

Live like you were dying...but, keep your eyes and ears yourself!
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