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Default Re: Give It up

I'm afraid you misunderstand me, alumbrado. Alternatively, you try to make out as if I didn't mean YOUR view of matters.

The fact is that you believe this modern, anti-"traditionalist", scientific, rational world view which is Marxist, i.e. materialist, economic, mechanistic and ultimately satanic.

The Ancient Priest-Kings did not pretend to have Sacred Knowledge; they HAD sacred Knowledge. They did not claim to have Ancient Secret Knowledge to control the masses; the masses acknowledged their ruler to be truly superior and by realising their inferiority, let themselves be ruled by their free will, by a ruler SPIRITUALLY superior to them.

You embody the ideas of Modern Man; everything I work against. I'm a man of Tradition, at least I try to be in every aspect of my being.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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