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Default Re: The GAME IS OVER!

The most honest posters on this forum are Barbara, Freeman, and Pshultz (probably spelled wrong)

Most all the holy rollers on this forum print in BOLD TYPE as if their opinions are worth more than others. and yet their logic, compassion, and understanding are ZIP.

Do you really believe in Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, and that the world is only 6,000 years old?

Nah.. You are just pretending to believe that crap because you are afraid to not believe in the Big Black Book. Because without an instruction manual you have no Bering on what is fair and what is not, what is truth and what is fiction.

If anyone believes that creationism is some kind of alternative to science they are sadly mistaken. Science and Religion are the equivalent of two blind men describing an elephant.. The one who says "It is like a tree" because he has stumbled upon one of it's legs.. The other says it is a big snake because it sniffed him with it's trunk
And don't give me ultimate truth crap in saying ancient politicians have not prostituted the Bible.. For their own political fortunes.

Religion is working with science to provide the ultimate truth.. They are not at odds with each other.

Dummies.. I cant take it no more.
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