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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

I liked my old pair of faded Levi's, but they wore out. A new pair just isn't the same. The Earth is "wearing out" and one day will not support life. So, a new Earth will be ready for us.

There is a group of scientists who believe that the human mind is nothing more than a collection of electrical impulses; they put on amazing demonstartions with electromagnetic devices, etc., to elicit all kinds of weird sensations and thoughts in experiments, thereby supporting their theory. They reject the existence of the human soul and by extension the whole spiritual realm altogether.

But as you say, there are too many things "going on out there" for this to be true.

Superiority of body or intellect matter very little in relationship with God; I would posit that a childlike faith and trust in a REAL God is a good beginning! It is a matter of a SOUL'S relationship with another SPIRIT, and so cannot be governed by the empirical things of worldly Science.

God spoke to all of us deep in our hearts when we were young, so maybe this is a reference to those times: "Souviens-Toi!" :-)
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