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Default Re: For those looking to speak their minds

Why no comments on Robert F Kennedy's II's Rolling Stone interview?.. About the stolen election?

Well.. Now that we know it was stolen, and our votes don't count, what are we going to do about it?.. Protest?

This "democracy thingy" is a sick joke... They know that we are on to them.. Get ready for Martial Law..

Whoever has the most guns wins the argument. Might makes right.. and they write the history books.. "Our troops coming back from Iraq will make great police enforcement officers"

Freedom=slavery.. Lies=truth..

"Just as all the cops are criminals, and all that sin are saints, as heads are tails just call me Lucifer, because I'm in need of some restraint." MICK.

We got Negroponte (expertise: death squads) running the U.S. for the Satan worshipers.
We got nothing but Israeli firsters in all the major positions of political power, they have hijacked the fourth estate, the State department, the Pentagon, Our Congress, and Senate. We have the people who orchestrated 911 at the very pinnacles of our national security apparatus.

Protest ..What a joke… We the American people , are under attack from a foreign government/entity that has enthroned itself thru deception.

Protest .. What a joke.
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