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Default Re: Katrina Educates World On Need For Owning Guns

Look out for the National Guard, coming to your area soon! But of course they won't be helping with "law enforcement" duties. Of course not.

There is a spirit of bland lust and sensuality which expresses itself in abusive and sadistic acts, such as lighting small animals on fire or pinching them with pliers, etc., just to hear their screams of pain. There is no connection (empathy) for those under this kind of oppression. It simply exites them, and they don't even know why.

Guns are used almost incessantly in the media as "power multipliers" in will-to-power scenarios. We ignore the symbolic value of this to our peril because the greatest intoxicants are spiritual in nature.

"Cutting off the head of the snake" would surely kill the beast, but this analogy can be misapplied with disastrous results. For example, many Muslims and others with animosity towards the US, upon hearing rumours of the 9/11 attacks, mistakenly assumed that it was a coup against the US government and that Bin Laden would actually take control of Washington! Ridiculous from our way of thinking, but their military rely heavily on authority figures, so for them it would be closer to the truth.

Many nefarious organisations have secrecy and insular LOC's in order to prevent this kind of fiasco: cut the head off the chicken and it can still run.
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