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Well at least the "targets" were somewhat legit!

I mean be-head a bilderburg ... yup .. there were two more before him that should have met the cold hard facts of selling out "their" individual countries.

CBC radio ... soft core 3 times the monkey business of see - speak and hear no evil... from the south.

The targets seemed to make more sense than, lets say , the World trade center ... cause you know

That would really piss of Larry ...

maybe the bogeymen could take down the CN tower from outside of the building.

and Not have placed explosives inside like WTC building 7.

Or the comparsion of OKC and cow crap bombs used in Ontario really got me thinking.

Maybe 9-11 the road to tyranny (by Alex Jones) should be watched by some canuks to find out
that damned elusive truth
everyone seems to miss.

After all McVeigh the possible 32nd degree military brain washed "terrorist" was just playing his pre determined part on theatre earth.

Its been 11 years since OKC and we have recently witnessed a few 9-11 "terrorists" going through the airport on released tapes ...... So why not let us see the video's of OKC?

Are the film editors that lazy?

11 years? They could put anyone in the films for McVeighs accomplishes!
Even Michael Moore .. running out to get a mad cow burger? I mean why not

But on a lighter note
If we were to stage rebellion ... revolution
Me thinks there is a catch 22 in the NWO funny business .... the fact that 150 million + voters in the U.S. were going to have either Skull and bones fhule's into office means that a large amount of the states are lazy or hip to the illuminati bull shit.
So it could be an american civil war pt2
and or an independant voted in as president.
Imagine that:}?

For us in canada .. the only reason <in my "fight back" mind> for us having guns is the United states otherwise we would be in U.K.'s position

In the U.K. Cops(once in awhile) and criminals have guns
No need for hunters .. your GM food gets delivered
to the grocery store daily ... TRUST us it will always be that way! = side note
Have you ever seen the Sobeys sign?
it looks like sloppy S's with OBEY in the middle?

No need to defend yourself from Criminals .. don't buy a gun Oh WAIT you can't own a gun.

Or if in this western matrix sphere we are always surrounded by terrorists around every corner and in every cube van ... possibly airplanes ... lets all carry guns .... it will be the wild west 2000+

Simple math makes Bush more of a "terrorist" than Tim Osamond
Osama a Saudi (official story says) uses "19" human credits to kill 3000 U.S. human credits
Bush goes to Afghanistan and uses depleted uranium kills generations to come ... full body count = unknown
Goto Iraq last known number (that I know) 100 000 plus! and D.U.

Skull and Bones a death cult .... now who is the conspiracy theorist?
Is he trying to out do Hitler?

I think the Nazi's never stopped ... they just hide better than most and are opportunistic puppets in an octopus scheme for world domination
Love it or hate it ... the plans been here for at least 2000 years
My recommendation WAKE UP IN A HURRY
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