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Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia is an interesting UFO story. Apparently, a UFO crash landed and another ship came to its aid. Seems there was some jockying for position when it came to intelligence. Canada, America, U.S.S.R..

A very interesting story and there are too many people saying the same story, there must be truth(too many witnesses). I have met newfies who have seen UFO's. The people I have been told these stories by have nothing to gain. They are almost embarassed to admit what happened.

It could make a very interesting Hollywood plot that could be played out to the Sheeple.

Due to theft of alien technology, Arnie the president of the free new world order defending the pseudo onslaught of UFO's which are real and manned by black-ops.

They are trying to prepare the sheeple of Hollywood consumerism for just such an event. Hollywood has been preaching the Arab plane terrorist for how long???

These idiots are getting dumber and dumber themselves. Because they keep getting away with things because they have removed the checks and balances, they feel comfortable in always pushing the boundaries just that little bit farther. They are getting caught. They are scared.

There is life elsewhere. Some have seen the signs. Whether the Hollywood NWO and Arnie will attack or the real deal UFO little grey men is the question that begs asking in this propogated world of propaganda. I say we worry about the here and now and the real threat that is our government. If the aliens come hopefully they will be friendly. If they are hostile, divided as we are, we would not have a hope in hell bar the grace of God.

My bets on the here and now. My bets on the people cluing into the con and exposing it. Think of all the vast amounts of truth that have been revealed, just on this one little site?

Maybe God is the father of a much bigger picture. With humanity as racist as it as, watching genocide after genocide in country after country, going to work to make the donuts... How could God ever introduce us to another world of peoples?

"Hello, these are my human children. Must have been deprived of intelligence in childhood. They don't know how to get along, can't think for themselves and I am offering my apology for the future damage they will surely incur in your beautiful home. There's one rotten relation, Satan, and he has been placing all kinds of foolish notions in my families heads."

"Your children have learned to communicate telepathically? We can't even communicate with words let alone thoughts or emotions..."

"Where did I go wrong as a parent. I thought I taught them right from wrong. It's time to disown satan. He's been nothing but trouble. I've been excusing him forever and it's high time he learnt the hard lesson that he's had coming to him."

"I don't care was made to care and all the people who followed."

"Maybe the next time I come to visit, my children will learn to behave. I keep trying. Sooner or later they will learn and then maybe they can play with your kids? That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Me and my imagination?

Mary XXX
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