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Default Apolagy To Henry Makow And Many Others...

Ya know...eventually you grow up.

The "Holocaust" will remain a myth for me though not Nazi brutality. Nor the brutality of Bomber Command and 40 firebombed German cities.

However Henry, i regret my behaviour on this forum and my e-mails to you. I will always enjoy your writing and I believe you a sincere Jew who is sick of having to cop it from his supposed 'brothers' behaviour in the Zionist and Orthodox extremist elements of International Jewery.

Like you we judge all Italians for the action of the mafia?

Also, apolagies to all who've i abused. :-) Therapy is working and i'm attending Church on a weekly basis. Russian Orhtodox. The Father has even offered me an Alter boy inturnship. Stop laughing.

Lots of gossip. Some I hope to get accross without being lined up for assassination. :-)

I wont be here too regularly.

And by the way.

F**K the New World Order.

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