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Default Re: Apolagy To Henry Makow And Many Others...

Yes, indeed, welcome back.

We must not forget that this world throws a 'mixed-up' pot of " yes-no-maybe-so's " at us.
We try to do our best to reach out to the rest of the world, even if it's here in
because we want a better world. Deep down inside, we DO want to reach out to the 'other guy' and say: "hey, somethings not right here...let me share my thoughts and even insights with you". Unfortunately, for some, this passion to 'take back' the world can become heartbreaking.

TB, you have spoken-up with your apology like a 'trooper'! I, therefore, and here, express my sincere respect for you.

I only have one other thing to say to you: it's apology, NOT apolagy.
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