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Do you have any proof (real proof) that flight 93 was actually shot down. Any proof (real proof) the hi-jacking was faked and arranged? Those are serious allegations that should be made with hard evidence and not the weekly tamloid. If there were (real) witnesses then how come there has been so little said in the news? the stations like fox and the usualbush bashers would jump on this if there were any credence. I for one think that Moussaoui is guilty as hell and will get his just reward. Now if the plane that hit the pentagon was a fake then where are the real planes and the bodies? I'm asking a series of questions I know but then again I am just as curious as you are about it all. If someone "really" faked the wtc and flight 93 then someone should and must be brought to justice. I also understand that there are the usual conspiracy theories running amouk. However there should be evidence before weekly tabloids are quoted. I would love to see some real concrete evidence to support your claims. I admire you for taking the stand you have but not without some real evidence will I be swayed. :-x
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