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Guts ? He never did anything by himself, he fled Vietnam and National Guard service. He does what his daddy and Cheney tell him to do. And now he has all the power of the US backing him. Where are the guts ?
He does like to collect brushwood in the middle of the noon day heat according to minders. That can be quite taxing. I think you too harsh SAT.

In fact, armed only with air supremacy, a 500 BILLION dollar budget and more gadgets than Inspector gadget...we see boys (literally) from Kansas getting blown to bits by illiterate peasants with AK's and left over artillery shells.

May the European/U.K based Globalists who sent American kids to kill and be killed in Iraq through their East Coast Blue Blood lackey Bush...die long, slow horrible deaths...unless they genuinely repent...which they will probably not do and they will never have the guts of a Hitler to kindly blow their own brains out...they will probably run to Israel instead.
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