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Default Re: Apolagy To Henry Makow And Many Others...

Dear Friends...

Thank you for the welcome.

Freemasons eh? I'd like to get angry 55132, but...can one get angry at a child who can take seriously pulling up a pant leg and giving "secret" oaths to child molesters and drug dealers? These people are to be pitied and prayed for. :-)

Thank you EARTH SPIRIT for your welcome and grammatical corrective advice. :-)

A special thank you to SAT...luckily I hate sport and my fellow fat slob countrymans infatuation for it. BUT!! Because of your hurtful jibe I will now NOT be ringing the stadium in Germany with a bomb threat and will be praying for Brazils thrashing at the hands of true blue Aussies like...Milovich and Stachich, and Rinovich, and Milosovich and all the other ethnic imports who Australia used to spit on as migrants but now revere because they beat Japan.

Viva the bread and circus's! :-D

P.S...whats with Brazil and all the cop killings? Two major drug dealing gangs going at each other? Seems guns will have to be banned's the only answer. ;-)

PPS...whatever happened to NOHOPE? Last I heard he'dcome out of the closet, taken a young Catholic choir boy lover and moved to San Francisco. Can anyone confirm this rumour?
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