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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Someone should tell these terrorists that they need to be more anonamous. :lol:

They arrested some twits here. They were apparently planning to blow up some military targets here in Oz.

I would like to congratulate these men for their honour in targeting LEGITIMATE military targets instead of poor saps on trains...this just goes to show that most Muslims are less heartless than the Mossad arseholes who let off the C4 on the tube in London.

If Australia wants to run off and help invade other countries to secure Israels border expansion day dreams and other less than honourable geo-political aims than dont be surprised when local hot heads start planning revenge.

To the local Muslims...get smart and distribute video camera's. A far more potent weapon than blowing up dumb westerners who just want to watch the soccor (aka:bread and circus's) and forget about their elected governments plans to kill brown and black people in an attempt to get them shopping more and less of that time wasting praying. :-P
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