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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

First of all, everybody should know that Soros is the principal agent of the Rothschild dynasty. When he says in a Jewish assembly that: "The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to [the antisemitism]", this is part of the Rothschilds manipulation of this Jewish assembly`s public opinion. Let`s see why.

Since 1948, the State of Israel is secretely led (and even owned) by the Rothschilds who were its real founders (politically and financially). Since this date, the policy of Israel was to create and feed a harsh hatred between the Israeli and the Arab populations, especially through the constant persecution of the Palestinians. This allowed Israel to present itself as being constantly threaten by the Arab "terrorists". Thus, the US governments (until recently controlled by the Zionist lobbies) could send every year the best weaponry and several billions to "help" this "poor" Israel so much threatened by all those "evil" Arabs.

Today, the secret masters of Israel want to establish a sort of very cheap Palestinian State (what Arafat would have never accepted and that`s why he had to die) -in fact a sort of "PAX ISRAELIA"-because they see an evergrowing resistance in the USA against the financing of Israel by the US taxpayers (times are getting financially difficult for the USA...) and they know that, without the US money in the future, Israel cannot finance the war with the Palestinians.

In a nutshell, the Soros/Rothschild sudden criticism of the Sharon policy is only bankster`s opportunism: they want to stop the war with the Palestinians because they don`t want to finance this war themselves. The plan is to give back the Palestinians the Gaza Strip and that`s why Soros tries to manipulate the Jewish diaspora in order to force Sharon to do something he is not really wanting to do.

Nevertheless, since Soros said what he said in november 2004, Sharon had agreed with this new plan and that`s why Soros/Rothschild do not accuse any more his policy to be responsible for the "antisemitism". All this in a nutshell, of course.
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