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Default Re: Americans: Please Help Stop Mexican Racist Communist Gang-bangers

Something to add, humor me:

It's happening here in Florida as well.

What started out as 'aid' for the good of getting the Mexicans out of economic strife, ended up as a humiliation towards the rest of us. They walk and ride around here literally laughing to our faces, as if we are such idiots. I guess we are !

Example: I cannot go to my neighborhood laundromat without one of these Mexicans stereotyping me as someone that does not have all the luxuries of being an American. They actually find it funny. I actually had to tell one (who DID speak English)and questioned whether or not I had my own home, car, washer/dryer, and such..., that the reason why I was using the public laudromat is because I was saving up for a new washer and dryer. Somehow these jerks thought that I was this poor pooh pooh poverty woman that would find 'them' inviting!!! Paaaaaaaaleeeeze!

From what I heard, they hardly pay anything towards rent. They do not have to have full coverage on their 'new' automobiles, they get about $600 a month for food stamps for a family of 4. (So I heard, do not know if its true.) Plus, free health care and hospital stay.

Then I hear that they DO NOT make minimum wage anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their salaries are a little 'stuffed'!!!

So, I hear what you're saying.....

Don't know if I'll be able to ignore them, and overlook the greatest neglect of us Americans at that!!!

But, I know of people who are hard working, good citizens, and are still waiting for that "chicken in every pot, and car in every garage"!
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