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RUSHDOONEY...i agree. It's a complete joke. The Feds of various countries have VAST new budgets to keep. They have virtually NO terrorists to chase. Just hot heads who speak openly over the phone.

Therefore, do not be surprised when co-ordinated raids on no bodies co-incide with budget review panels just like they did with Waco.

Yes, any of us could be next but I assure you the average Fed is an idiot who is fed various sanitised shit by his "Mossad/CIA/MI6" agents posing as informants. Framing Islam is the key so avoid wearing long robes and a long beard.

BOUNCER...agreed. If the idiots at Hamas had a brain they would raid Arafat's 50 million dollar Swiss bank account and distribute 10,000 video camera's to families in the occupied territories. Instead, they complain that the IDF targets civilians and then go off and do exactly the same thing to innocent Israeli's which goes to show the IDF and HAMAS deserve each other and are probably one in the same.
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