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Default R.I.P Kerry Packer

[img align=left][/img] Kerry Packer - Richest man in Oz. Media mogul. Heroin dealer. Tax evader. 30 million a pop gambler.


The national crime authority called you "Goanna" Kerry and named you as a person of interest in drug dealing on a scale only the truly wealthy can do. You used to fly in heroin by the truck load in the late 70's and early 80's through your string of cattle stations in the nations north.

You brought tax evasion to new levels of open and mocking deceit and dared the tax department to rein you in.

You liked to blow 30 million while your fellow countrymen lived on the street and local aboriginals lived like dogs in the out back.

You laughed at the steady string of polititions who made their way to your door BEGGING for good coverage.

Imagine then when the Prime minister of Australia, John Howard, fawns at the Packer name and announces a TAX PAYER FUNDED STATE FUNERAL for a person who despised his fellow Australians and treated with a cynicism never seen in public life before.

That my the ultimate Monty Python "wet fish to the face".

What did the Australian public do and say as this insult unfolded?

They went fishing.

Australians love to think of themselves as hard, anti-authority types. In fact, Australians are nothing more than the weak and pathetic colonial mercenaries they have always been. Slaves. Pathetic ones at that.

Let me NEVER hear Australians criticize the "dumb Yanks" ever again.

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