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Default Re: Give It up

Draken, it's all about what you understand and know from something and what others doesn't understand and know what you'd knew already.

In the ancient times, the masses didn't have so much opportunities to learn something deeper and more profound about the world and its nature, they were just trying to get by and live in such conditions, depended on their priests or shamans to interpret something too incomprehensible for them to actually learn. There were no informations to get around and share quickly around the regions in the ancient times. Only the few were selected and allowed to learn something the rest of the masses didn't get. That gave them the assumption that they were spiritually superior over the masses.

You should be thankful to science. Without science and without man's ability to think, rationalize and expand the knowledge of the world, all of its natural elements and SHARE it with the rest of the masses, you, everyone and I would NOT be here discussing and exchanging ideas on the Internet. Without your insights or mine or anyone, no one could learn from each and we would all still live in a dark age of ignorance and indifference, which often lead to wars, chaos, plague and conquests.

It's fine that you follow traditions and being you, I respect that. Don't diss at something that gave you the opportunity to speak your voice here. ;-)

Admit it, Draken. You know I'm right about that point.
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