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Default Re: Americans: Please Help Stop Mexican Racist Communist Gang-bangers

I saw something similar here: I was backing out of a parking spot in front of an urban convenience mart, and began to crank up my window - I have manual windows, so I had to stop and reach down for the crank. Some gang-bang-looking kids in a nice pricey car (yeah, like they have two paper routes and a night job???) were laughing at me with that look in their faces that says: "The man is too poor for power windows . . ."
This is part of the rigid class biases, cultural ignorance, and will only strenghthen the social programming of the "minorities" (I live in an area which is 80% Black and Hispanic) until people realize that if they fall into the trap it will only make them a bigger target for further experimentation and systemic abuse.

How many of us all believe at some level that the urban indigent population are "tainted", and so cannot be expected to abide by the rules of civilized society? Come on, now, be honest!
This is exactly what I mean.
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