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Default Re: Big Surprises at Bilderberg

Ah, and so it begins.

Watch Thomas Barnett and "The Pentagons New Map". The U.S will be the iron fist in the velevet glove of the Globalists. To ensure as much meat for the grinder as possible, a Police state and rampant poverty and chaos will be required. True, I guess you could drop a suitcase bomb on Austin and take out AJ in the process but much better to collapse the economy and sow economic and cultural chaos.

The peasants will be begging for security and ready to sign up to eat.

Destroying the U.S vast middle class will continue to be the Globalist first and foremost task.

Please make sure your Congressman or woman knows who you will be blaming for the so called..."unfortunate set of circumstances"...which leads to Gloal economic collapse and chaos.

Have a great w/end regardless! :-)
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