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>>Therefore I have nothing more to say
Of couse not. You couldn't enforce your argument so you name called and now don't want to talk any more. Since you haven't got a leg to stand on, you could only lose, so no biggie.

Believe it or not, you are wrong nonetheless.
Socialism is a pillar of marxism. The marxist dream of socialist world government is being fulfilled before our eyes. And my belated point is that these parasites brought us globalism and all that comes with it.

You whole heartedly embrace the concept of re-distribution of wealth, as according to Marx, from the producers according to their means to the non-producer according to their needs (paying government bureaucrats handsomely in the process). Yet you claim that you are not marxist. Impressive. And I am not bald, I just have a long forehead.

You fully accept globalism and the destruction of nations and the enslavement of the people on a global plantation, but would like to claim that you are opposed to the nwo.

You endorse enlightenment philosophy -- invented by slightly satanist and largely anti-God individuals -- but think it is I who marches to the drumbeats of illuminated masters.

Where did you learn all this political science (a marxist invention in itself) and logic, at the Tavistock Institute, or on Rhodes Scholarship ?
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