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Default Re: Comments at the Gas Pumps

thokhanCep wrote:
The World is Full of Massive Deposits of OIL! I'ts only the -INSANE LIBERALS- who squash all attempts to access this energy here in N.America, Canada has some 500 billion barrels of OIL Waiting to be EXTRACTED!

Hey redrat

you ever heard of Hegelian dialect?
Liberals and conservatives rockin the same boat till it capsizes?

and how about god gave you free will to do what you want , follow the devil kill your neighbour or defeat the illuminati any way possible

I'm well aware of the "dialect", and it's complete rubbish,! let me explain something, maybe you don't understand history and politics, if you did you'd realize that LIBERALISM (the mental disorder) has demoralized and nearly brought western nations to its knees. In every area of life LIBERALISM has destroyed individual responsibility and self preservation, that's a fact! When you look at the past 100 years of western history, you see that LIBERALISM has replaced sovereignty with communism, here in the U.S.A. it has thoroughly corrupted everybody, Now as far as CONSERVATISM is concerned, It NEVER has been given a chance because of the ZIONIST JEWS who have controlled western nations for the past few hundred years, CONSERVATISM is dispised by the ruling elite because it promotes individual responsibility and self determination, the very things they seek to destroy! Do you not understand this? I suspect that like most people you don't have a clue what CONSERVATISM is, you probably think George Bush is a conservative, and that the NEO-CONS in power are CONSERVATIVES, that's a F****N joke! they're COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST/FASCIST LIBERALS! PERIOD end of story. :-)
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