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Default Re: Saddam times 25

And your point is?
You are in the Occult you admitted it!.

You are entitled to your beliefs and grasping at straws. Are you too concerned with the moral evils we see today that you are not doing anything about it except just to talk and rant here on this forum?
I am a christian as said i attend small fellowship and have faith in Christ. As a christian that is all this expected of me. A christian is saved through faith alone although christian works can add to this, it is only through Gods grace and faith in him that we are saved from the abyss.
What would you be expecting of me out of curiosity!.

Christians are being persecuted or murdered left and right in Muslim countries just for spreading the Gospels of Jesus and you're focusing all of your energies on the likes of me (or anybody you think is a Mason, provocateur, or whatever different from you) just for speaking my opinions or expressing my views, of which I'm entitled under the First Amendment of the US Constitution?
It is very simple Muslims are not the enemy of christ and never have been the only enemies of christ are those snakes that constantly disseminate lies and deception to fool the judgements of otherwise good people. Masons are one of those groups and most people on this forum agree with me!.If you dont then you are in the minority here but dont expect to get any respect for your ways of deception!.

I am not a fanatic because i reject your lies. If you believe that makes me a fanatic well then so be it.However that would be rather foolish considering how left of centre many of my views are on some issues which others have pointed out!.
I am hardly a christian zionist fundermentalist these kooks are the real fanatics and they are also hypocrites GWB claims be one also. So far i see you more in agreement with them than me due to your neo con type opinions on U.S foreign policy.

My only concern is that Christianity is being used wrongly by the wrong people for the wrong reasons and Christian fanatics are just as bad as Muslim fanatics which are just as bad as any crazy fanatics in this world.
That is for sure and those that are using it in apostasy are the zio christian fundermenatalist e.g falwell, Robertson, in the U.S so far as i am concerned they have currupted christianity as has your Skull and Bones so called christian President!.And just like your president many of them are really just masons claming the nominal christian title.

No, it's not only human ego gone rampart. It's our inability to recognize flaws and weaknesses in ourselves, which often led us to becoming frustrated, angry, or hatred that we couldn't handle it, we just take it out on others.
These are simply the reasons why we need christ. We are in state of sin all have sinned.Thats why people are christians or should be the only reasons people are christians to let christ guide them in their lives because they are lost sinners without christs salvation.I feel like a preacher on sunday.Ofcause i am not but you dont even seem to realise the basics of christian faith.I find it hard to believe you could be a follower of christ!.

They were susceptible to nature's wrath, often seeking favors or protections from the gods/goddesses they've invented in order to compensate the lacks of any scientific or rational understanding of the world and nature. The only people who possessed true knowledge and understanding of that in the ancient times were the priests or the priest-kings.
So is your intention to put christianity in the same boat as pre christian religions as mere irrational superstition like the good deist you are. Ah yes reason and science the only rational justification for our existence.
So if you believe this then why would claim to care for christians because you have just placed christianity as an irrational creed equal with pagans beliefs!.Let me tell you something christianity is not based on rationality and never has been nor is any other faith for that matter faith does not require reason to exist anyone that claim otherwise is a masonic fraud out to corrupt the spirit of christ!.

Evil exists because we are unable to reconcile ourselves with the facts that all of us have serious problems that we couldn't address, acknowledge, or confront altogether for the fear of being looking bad or evil to others.
I couldnt agree more.That is why we need christ no one is perfect all are in a state of sin for the second time.:roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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