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redrat11 wrote:
A open letter to the INTELLIGENCE service of the U.S. MARINE CORPS.

Please can you guys open a investigation into the MOSSAD'S connections to all the ROADSIDE and INTER-CITY SUICIDE BOMBINGS. I'm sure if you check all the money tranfers from ISRAEL to SYRIA, specifically TEL-AVIV to DAMASCUS you'll find that the MOSSAD routinely pays PYSCHOPATHIC MUSLIM JIHADISTS to blow themselves up, in exchange for their families being compensated.
And while your at it ask yourselves why and how is it possible that filthy ARABS can plan and coordinate such attacks with limited information? Maybe you might want to check your very COMMAND leadership positions, WE all want you people home safely. I know probably most cc posters are against the war, but I have much respect for the soldiers, and their horrendous days of hell, they have to live through, they deserve better. GOD BLESS THEM and their families.
Damm I'm Good!

Yeah everyone doubted my words, unfortunately I knew then that I was CORRECT! Oh I have more INSIGHTS as to what is going to be the final outcome of the so called QUAGMIRE, but why bother explaining to the masses, the framing of the marines at Haditha and the other so called phony American Military atrocities was and is a F****N joke, perpetrated by your LOVING MOSSAD. Of course you all would rather listen to what CNN and rest of the Zionist media feed you. Have a nice day. :-?

And by the way I'm not pro-war, I'm pro American!

Traitors in the U.S. Military!

These scumbags should be given a Military trial on Treason charges, and if found guilty, HANGED by the the neck in front of the U.S. Capitol. They're the ones responsible for this long unneccesry war.

The "Other" Traitors as well! :-o
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