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Default Re: Known Carcinogen Present in Soft Drinks Since 1990

Yes, the effect on the immune system is evident with me personally. I have a condition called lymphedema. Predominately in my lower extremities.

It is speculated that perhaps I had this condition as a child, but... because I was a thin child and teen (and young adult) it went unnoticed to other people...but, noticeable to me. I always had that kind of soft 'baby butt' feel to my arms and legs no matter how much I worked out!!

Where am I going with this?.....Well, I noticed that when I indulge in certain soft drinks and foods, my lymphedema accumulates quicker and my limbs get bigger. I, at times, will go without much food for about 3 days to get to a decent looking extremity for my height and weight.

Though there is no cure for lymphedema, only maintenance and education in regards of, I find that people really need to question what is in their foods and drinks and re-start a diet plan of chemical-free foods. This is tough at first, is life or death when you think about it.

We have become a nation of pleasing the senses that our taste buds want more and more variety, and we now need all kinds of new recipes and flavors because we get 'bored of the same old stuff'. Yet, our 'same old stuff' is much too much of a variety of menus, flavors, courses/portions, and we still want more. We want bigger, we want super-size, we want bolder flavors and aromas. Good golly Miss Molly!

There was a time when we ate the same things everyone M/T/W/TH/F/Sa/Sun (menu for lunch and dinner) for 7 days then repeated the same menu. And mom was a happy person for it! (Once in a while mom would cook us up a surprise dinner!)
Now we can't get enough of what is out there!

What are we doing to ourselves and our children? Hey, it's only suppose to be nutritious and delicious for a small part of our life sustaining regimen. Now...eating has become an activity!

We all like to indulge in get-togethers for a food fest and such, nothing wrong with a reward once in a while. But, hey....the brain wants to know if there's a famine or something going on!
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