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Default Re: INTEGRAL TRADITION Revolt against the modern world CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION

Draken dude,

Glad you brought this thread up. It was my intention to think on it a while.

I've just re-read the thread and the links... so here we go... a good debate... a challenge.

"I've heard tell the road to hell was paved with good intentions."

Feels appropriate here.

I'm going to speak from my Christian beliefs and my spiritual nature.

I believe that their is a lot of truth and wisdom HIDDEN from humanity by the powers controlling said truth and wisdom.

If I were God and I wanted my family, my children to get along, I would favour none and love all equally. I'd treach them all right from wrong and how much I loved them and wanted them to be good and do good in my eyes. That isn't to say that right is right and wrong is wrong and that is that - consequences are consequences.

What if I were to send a messenger or perhaps if a light of humanity would shine, a receptacle for divine inspiration? Many nations would have many languages and many customs and so maybe more than one man or nation was inspired with God's creation. I liken it to God hid a key to heaven in the many faiths of one true good God of peace and justice. Each key, although different, opens the different pearly gates which all open up to heaven.

All flowers are not roses and all faiths are not the one and only. We have to learn to get along and appreciate the differences - the beauty of the differences.

Lies are ugly, racism is ugly, religionism is ugly
God don't like ugly! Is ignorance bliss?

Environment has so much to do with development of character, creative skills, abilities and comprehension.

If a child grows up as knowing bad for normal, will he not expect nor seek any other alternative excepting for hope? Where does hope come from? Does hope bring the gifts of determination and courage? Isn't the grace of God a hopeful thought?

Personal accountability and adulthood takes charge of the misled youth and it is easy to make bad decisions when you come from bad decisions - monkey see, monkey do. Is hope a part of this equation? If we lose faith in ourselves and faith in our future, have we lost sight of God?

I think so. Is God important to humanity? Who has said, "Please God, please?" at any point in their life, whether begging for grace or praying for miracles. I believe it is a natural instinct to believe and trust in that higher thing called GOD.

Is the world dummed down? Parents do not relate emotionally to their children. They have lost that ability. Children are committing suicide in Britain, in Canada, in the U.S. and many more are on heavy drugs because our children cannot take the effects of feeling abandoned emotionally by their parents.

I could always sense when my babies were going to wake up. That's natural. How many mum's are that in tune with their nurturing nature? Not too many.

Brainwashed or ignorant... who is gonna judge and when?

God knows I love Jesus and he is the best role model I have found in my life to follow and I know some amazing Moslem women of incredible faith. The dalai lama? Dude is on Q.

One third of the world is Christian and 1/3 of the world believes that this world is probably ending soon armageddon a la Hollywood NWO style. Something like .2% of the world's peoples are Jewish - how many of them are actually God fearing good guys and not satanists, who knows as the same can be said for the Moslems and the Christians and so many other "faiths" I imagine.

We can argue until the dogs come home and what do we believe? I am starting to concieve the reality that the Bible is a very dangerous propaganda tool. Who says it has to end that way? Only God knows how this all plays out.

I keep recalling that movie Antz where the grasshoppers come and demand their feed every fall. The ants always capitulate in fear. Then this "dumb" ant somehow changes events and there is no feed for the grasshoppers, who get real angry.

The ants are many and their thoughts are inspired. The grasshoppers are defeated easily, as a bigger "entity" comes to prey on the grasshoppers, in aid of the ants.

Faith is what always makes the difference, at the 11th hour.

I do not believe that anything in the future is written in stone other than the premise that ultimately good conquers evil as light always exposes darkness.

Darkness is only an absence of light. It is nothing, in itself. It only has the power the ego of humanity feeds the beast through fear. Fear of losing their material existence. We all die. That is the one thing we all know. Why be scared?

There is a spiritual battle going on presently, no doubt. The way I percieve the situation is that the advertisers of NWO want us to believe that there is no hope, we are going where they are leading. They are requesting people to tune out to the truth that is happening NOW.

I've been feeling this peace, that I wish I could share with everyone. I know there is an afterlife and I know how it feels - a peace I have never felt before or since and it is on the horizon - it is coming.

The world is still going to turn. People are still going to make babies and it is just going to be a whole new ball game.

There is something amazing that is going to happen and I don't know when or where and I can feel it coming. I can feel a miracle coming. It is something very good - a gift from God.

What shall we debate?

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