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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

Darryl Bradford Smith is to be commended for giving much grief to many of the sacred cows in the "Truth Movement". I particularly support him with his go at Jeff Rense and others who insist on mixing ufo bullshit and shapeshifting lizards with the "meat and potatoes" that will change things.

Viva DBS and Michael Hoffman!

The "Zionist" angle is THE angle but with one caveat...does anyone believe that removing "Jews" (including the atheist Bolshie ones) and busting wide open the nutter Talmudic Rabbi fruit loops to the general public will suddenly stop One World Government and the enslavement of the common man?

The NWO can trace it's roots back to Egyption Sun God Worship and the desire for men to be "Gods on Earth", ruling a peasant slave class. This darkness lies in the hearts of ALL men and is THE essence of Satan...PRIDE! A refusal to serve. Particularly Gods creation - humanity. Satan wishes to enslave it. It will not end with the uncovering of the enormous power of the Zionist movement.

The desire to rule the world and "manage it", is THE natural extension of the managerial class. Rulers "ruled" well before "the Jews" came along. Rome was also degenerate well before the Jews came along. Has the entire U.S government been captured on film with little boys? Is this the reason they go along with hard core zionism or is it more easily explained by shared values and aims?

Now this Elite set of "Philosopher Kings" (be they Jew or Gentile) wish to put in place a control grid to finally put an end to the dangerous need for war, famine and covert ops to keep the rabble in line. They will fail because you will reject it.

Alex Jones should heed DBS and others and begin to focus on the unrivalled power of the Zionist movement in the U.S and elswhere. He should cease the brainwashing and just come right out and say it and get the hell over it or else the rest of us will move on.

Does this all mean Alex is a Zionist shill/lackey? No, he's just refusing to take the next step lest he be labelled those immortal words...anti-######.

Whatever...AJ has still done more than most and is to be commended for his great work but I REALLY, REALLY hope Alex you are not going to fall for the old honey trap...avoid Hollywood, they will spit you right back out you idiot.

Pride and vail glory cometh before the fall and Alex should tread carefully with his new friends.

P.S...AJ, if I hear you're hanging out with Spinberg I will personally drop you like a hot potato.
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