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Damm I'm Good!
Last words of Marine as he .50cal's local Iraqi's car at remote checkpoint before capture and beheading.

I like THE SKUNK. He writes damn good stuff but he is also vitally flawed. Just who does he think are running these ambushes? "Starving Iraqi's" NOT according to him. I agree, how about [b]highly trained Republican Gaurd and Iraqi special forces?[\b] Perhaps you've heard of them...remember that 2 million man army of Saddams? Guess what...they're still their and armed to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry and the vital tools to run a ruthless counter insurgency.

To say the Iraqi's require a third party is ridiculous. THEY are highly motivated and the Sunni's have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to Shi'ite and Kurd. They do not need outside help.

Israeli's are present. To think they would kill Americans with impunity is carrying it a little too far. They have much to lose by an American backlash and little to gain by seeing Americans RUN OUT OF IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it!!!!!!!!

I want to write much more but must leave the computer.

Finally, their is NO reason to believe this is anything other than what it is...stupid placement of American troops for no good reason...just think Vietnam. Are our memories that short? Since when did the American officer corp get smart?

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