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truebeliever wrote:
Damm I'm Good!

I like THE SKUNK. He writes damn good stuff but he is also vitally flawed. Just who does he think are running these ambushes? "Starving Iraqi's" NOT according to him. I agree, how about [b]highly trained Republican Gaurd and Iraqi special forces?[\b] Perhaps you've heard of them...remember that 2 million man army of Saddams? Guess what...they're still their and armed to the teeth with sophisticated weaponry and the vital tools to run a ruthless counter insurgency.

To say the Iraqi's require a third party is ridiculous. THEY are highly motivated and the Sunni's have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to Shi'ite and Kurd. They do not need outside help.

Israeli's are present. To think they would kill Americans with impunity is carrying it a little too far. They have much to lose by an American backlash and little to gain by seeing Americans RUN OUT OF IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it!!!!!!!!

Finally, their is NO reason to believe this is anything other than what it is...stupid placement of American troops for no good reason...just think Vietnam. Are our memories that short? Since when did the American officer corp get smart?
You make good points TB, but lets go back to March of 2003, where the politcal "perfumed princes" in the Pentagon made a stupid mistake, the WORST MILITARY BLUNDER IN HISTORY! If you remember the initial invasion was launched and the idiots thought that the republican guard would surrender, after all Baghdad was under occupation, however, the R.guard simply vanished into the city, (brilliant move) then proceeded to turn the tables on the Americans, by waging a ASYMETRIC WAR, nothing new there, the vietnamese did the same thing underground. Now my OPINION is that the American Military should have realized that the war was now LOST! They should have given all citizens 72 hours to clear out of the "insurgent strongholds" then leveled the sunni triangle, then bulldozed the remaining rubble, then the Marines could have had a "EASIER" time of smoking them out. It all sounds easy for us here, but if you look at WW1 and WW2 thats how it was done, now as far as the MOSSAD and the Zionist Cartel go, I Don't see your point, they dispise the American Military with a passion, remember the Ship Liberty? they want this phony war to last a long time, cause theres plenty of profit.

And of course all wars are EVIL in nature, however if you follow their logic (the zionist) they don't give a damm about anyone, not even themselves, their SUBHUMAN in nature, so being
that way they get pleasure in manipulating events.

As for just being what it is, (stupid placement of American soldiers) I disagree its all part of the GREATER ISREAL last days push for complete global domination, and OIL helps too. :-?

I gotta run off to work, ill write more and research more on the Greater Isreal push for global domination. :-o
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