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Default Re: Known Carcinogen Present in Soft Drinks Since 1990

Bouncer wrote:
God bless the market forces that put salads and other *REAL* food on the fast-food menus of [you know!].

Just once I wish that I could drive up to a window where someone hands me a platter with celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a cup of ranch dip for the same price of the lard patty.

And BTW, every country that has a Mc D franchise never attacks US assets: could it be that the Happy Meal is a venue for mind control technology???
Ya know........... someone should do a test!

You just took your unruly child to McD's for a 'happy meal'. All is going well, child is satisfied, happy and fed. Then you go home and say...about an hour later your child decides it's bored again and just plain testy. Now...if you reminded the child of the 'Happy Meal' that it had that day, and did not go again (that day) would the child become calm? Would the thought that it had a happy meal bring on a sense of 'yes, I have no need to be testy' I am a child of McD's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some folks might like this!
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