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Default Re: "people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political privilege"

:-? I thought this was conspiracy forum not Stormfront. I think so called whites whinging about coloured races they invited to their nations in the first place with affirmative action etc in the name of profits & then blame the symptom and not the architects is fairly pointless and scraping the bottom of the barrel especially coming from a jew its all a little too hegelian for my likeing & acceptence kind of like Murdochs recent anti muslim outburst in Aus, plattitudes too little too late!.

A fairly low blow by your standards Makow.By the way forget about some things i have written in the past i am nowhere near as racist as i once was here on cc.Maybe the liberal illumini of the frankfurt school have my cranium in their clutches afterall, although dont bet your house on it!:-P Another question what is White?. :-?
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