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Default Re: Suspicious event before London Bombings required Electrician.

I put up on Google Video a doco by ITV detailing the details of the killing of the innocent Brazilian guy.

Facts to remember...

1. He was identified IMMEDIATELY as an "I.C 1 Male" (European male)...NOT a middle eastern man as Usama Osmond was.

2. He was COMPLETELY unmplested or approached by authorities until he was ON THE TRAIN.

3. It was noted IMMEDIATELY that he was carrying NOTHING and DEFINATELY was not beleieved to be wearing an explosive vest.

4. Surveillance was quite HAPPY to sit next to him on the train...not fun if you think he has a belt of explosive on.

5. Goons (SAS Counter Terrorist Assassins) arrive on scene yelling and screaming. Brazil guy is identified by surveillance who then "bear hugs" him...Goons throw off surveillance and assassinate Brazillian guy with 7 shots to the head.

Brazillian guy was assassinated. He KNEW something.

God rest his soul.
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