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REDRAT 11...i wish i had more time for a detailed rebuff but i dont. Just some short points...

You make good points TB, but lets go back to March of 2003, where the politcal "perfumed princes" in the Pentagon made a stupid mistake, the WORST MILITARY BLUNDER IN HISTORY!
A blunder depending on your point of view. A blunder when you are a poor sap from Kansas standing in the open getting shot at by Jabu The Sniper, but as you point out...Greater Israel is the game along with a great U.S military presence around while they do it. Jus watch the telly as Israel kills Arab families on the beach and the dickhead Hamas respond like the idiots they are. Arabs are indeed stupid people. All they have to do is renounce violence and watch the Zionists show themselves as the killers they are. World opinion will turn over night.

Now my OPINION is that the American Military should have realized that the war was now LOST! They should have given all citizens 72 hours to clear out of the "insurgent strongholds" then leveled the sunni triangle, then bulldozed the remaining rubble, then the Marines could have had a "EASIER" time of smoking them out. It all sounds easy for us here, but if you look at WW1 and WW2 thats how it was done
Agreed. But thats what they did do. They ordered everyone out and they did level Falluga. Civilian casualties were minimal. Dont believe the Arab propaganda.

now as far as the MOSSAD and the Zionist Cartel go, I Don't see your point, they dispise the American Military with a passion, remember the Ship Liberty?
Thats one incident. I cannot agree that Israel "hates" the U.S Military. Their are STRONG ties with Israel through the IDF and U.S MIlitary exchange programs. Israel will not bight off the hand that feeds them. 9-11 was a co-ordinated job between U.S/Israeli and British intelligence. They work together.

Sorry, have to go. Will return.
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