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Default Give me control of a nation's Hip-Hop, and I care not who makes its laws.

Wow, ok then.

I've often thought that I need a scribe to follow me around just in case I say something brilliant.

And, well, quite honestly, I think I've really got something here.

Monetary currency does in fact move and shake the Capitalist social framework. And Mr. Rothschild certainly did come up with a really, really good trick of statecraft.

But, I tell you something....I've discovered that I'm not going to survive very long unless I somehow can systematically make myself dumber.

This 'smart' thing is really overrated. I mean, seriously, if I can't put myself into a catatonic state of numb Absinthe toxin of mind and spirit, I just flat ain't gonna make it, nigga.

And that's really when I started tapping into the Hip-Hop currency factor. The Hip-Hop is a force of such subtle and dreadful powerful that I can't even really describe it.

Still, to this day, Britany Spears is the most googled term. Imagine that! Of all the things in the world that people could be searching for--(gulp, gasp, sigh) they are needing the Britany factor.

Now that is power! Real tangible power! I'm going to somehow have to force myself to like Hip-hop, non-talented musicianship, and sheer brainless passtime.

I'm going to have to get my IQ down to about 85 or 90. Just smart enough to like totally walk around and get jiggy wid it and eat some shit and swang in my ride, jiggas.

Give me control of a nation's Hip-Hop and I care not who makes it's laws!

I will be invincible. I will take over the world.

--Fra N.

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