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Default Re: Christian numerology

nohope187 wrote:
Zero is the place holder for values in terms of grouping/quantifying(ie 10, 100, 1000 or -10, -100, -1000).
The Number 9

I'm Puzzled!
Can someone explain the mathematical significance of number 9? I'm aware of its meaning in the Bible, as well as Masonic numerology, and the Occult meaning, but check this out.

No matter what number you add you always come back to 9.

examples: 13 1+3=4 13-4=9
94 9+4=13 94-13=81 8+1=9
156 1+5+6=12 156-12=144 1+4+4=9
And no matter what the size of the number it always goes back to 9! :-o

1,233,465,957 add up to 45 4+5=9
- 45=
1,233,465,912=add all up =36 3+6=9
Can someone explain who invented numbers and why 9 is hidden in mathematical solving problems?

Right and Left side of brain: conflicting colors and thought patterns

I think optical illusions is somehow tied into the Illuminati control structure cause their corporate logos utilize the "illusionary" tactics of mind control, anyone care to respond.

Stereo Vision?
How to "detect" id the NSA is monitoring your computer
As you can see I'm BORED!
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