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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

The person that lies and covers for the Zionists is the enemy (Alex Jones) and the people who defend these treasonous liars are the enemy also. :-D
Does that include me?

I admit, Alex is appearing more and more like a dick head unless he begins to attack heavily the out of control influence of the Zionist lobby. If he continues to refuse and forges close ties with elements of Hollywood like Joel Silver (Matrix) and Spinberg then we will all have no option to believe that he is heavily compromised or at least pathetically brainwashed and innocently deluding himself. If he goes on much longer with his ego getting stroked by Satan in L.A then he should be exposed as a Zionist agent.

As for the Zionist lobby? I think we do give it more power than it has. True, it has power WAY out of prportion to it's apparent size and status but I believe their are shared goals that explain much of the collusion between Elites.

I dont care how much power the Jewish Banking Houses have after inbreeding with European Royalty. They cannot accomplish more than what the average pleb goes along with.

Alex, if your ego can stand being are right on the threshhold of irrelivance. You've been suckered by the alluring honey of fame and fortune and you will pay for it.

On the nature of Zionism...i take Ted Pikes view that the land of Palestine/Sumaria/Judea belongs to the Jews as promised by the Christian God. That ownership is totally dependant on submission and obediance to the 10 Commandments and Christs further instructions.

As the IDF continues to shoot little Arab boys and girls in the head and the State of Israel resemble an "Organized Crime Outpost"...i dont think God will be leaving things as they currently are.

Israel is NOT a "Jewish State" in the sense that it is a religious one. It is FILLED with part time Talmud readers with the majority confirmed Athiests and economic refugee's from Eastern Europe. Basically, it's a shit hole. Not for too much longer I hear. :-P
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