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Default Re: "people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political privilege"

Hey NOHOPE...i like your new Harley and handle bar moustache. No likey the city of flowers? :-P
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I agree with Makow. It's a guilt trip. Racism and bigotry are well ensconsed in ALL races ALL over the world. We just have bigger and better guns then them.

It seems the Globalists...the Elite, always put us betwen a rock and a hard place. Who's side do we choose? I say we reject them all and go out to bat for the simple people of ALL races and creeds who end up as the cannon fodder of the powers that be.

I assure people the most RACIST people on Earth are the Japanese. They just keep it to themselves. They despise (and always have) the filthy dirty white man and most of all the truly filthy Koreans and Chinese. Fact is...they'd like to rule just as much as the white man but I tell you what they'd be more brutal. I'd be watching Japan more than the Chinese though the Japanese will ALWAYS be hamstrung by a lack of indiginous resources. Pray they NEVER make peace with the Chinese.

My sister spent a year in Malaysia. She went out of her way to dress as the locals did and learn the language. For this she garnered much respect. She lamented with amusement how she was always made to feel guilty to be a white racist while in Malaysia alone the Malays HATE the ethnic Chinese and the ethnic Chinese HATE the ethnic Indians and so on...the white man does not have the racist bigot market cornered. He does however have the "guilt" market cornered.

Here in Oz people need to accept their collective responsability for the less than "nice" treatment of local aboriginese WITHOUT seeking to romanticise the "noble savage". The Abo's were as cut throat as the white man but we were smart enough to never give them guns. Their tribal customs include male sodomy and sexual relations with little girls. Their behaviour was in fact little better than nice white Supreme Court Judges. I am personally grateful foe the white mans system of government...especially the Westminster system for all it's flaws. Sure beats a Shinto based Imperial Japanese huri curri problem solver.

Till the One Worlders are hanging from lamp posts we will not see an end to the subversion of democracy in countries like Africa who are being prevented from developing their domestic economies outside the Globalist agenda. Perhaps if sovereign governments offered genuine friendship and assistance in bettering the lives of others we would see a world developing along the lines that so many wish. Namely, individual identity and values which respects others right to develop their own identity.

Live and let live I belive the Bible calls it.
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