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Default optical illusions

From Optical Illusions:

Because our eyes and minds have been hardwired by evolution to identify patterns and relationships to help recognize the world around us, they can be fooled by images that contain patterns that don't occur in nature. The result is an optical illusion that makes us see something that isn't correct.
I exposed the lie of the colored triangles. The following are all amazingly true.

[img align=left][/img] The diagonal lines are all parallel.

[img align=left][/img]

[img align=left][/img] All of the lines are straight.

Obviously, human perception is a bit fragile and is easily manipulated. Brainwashing the masses to believe in absurd lies is childsplay for the great rulers of today. Separating illusion from reality is not easy, but, for the truthseeker, it is a worthy undertaking.
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