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Default Re: optical illusions

The concept of nine independent things is not an invention of humans nor are the concepts or devices that are represented human. The ability to recognize and name and remember for future use is human. Remember that I do not require your belief. Your human centric ideas and beliefs are what causes you trouble. What I say is only for some, so let them absorb it. Go your way and continue in your way, who would want to change perfection.

Any number can have any meaning and can represent a concept or action that repeats in a way that is not related to the mathematical mechanics that number in general represents. This has been proven by your computers and what they have shown to repeat even in a chaotic system. To think that the human mind has answered all things is to be a fool. If a great disruption does not stop the event, when you sit in front of your computer, you sit in front of your replacement (partially at your own hand). I can promise you your human arrogance will not stop this next evolutionary step. The numbers being used now do indeed have power for they relate to the vibration of strings and resonate to the inevitable extinction of humankind. If you are religious, pray that some flesh shall be saved alive. If you are carnal, then continue as you are, you make our way smooth and the places of habitation that your devises will provide will be used to great effect.

Numbers have uses beyond the mundane mind of an egotist.
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