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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

madthumbs wrote:
egismad wrote:
Attacking Alex Jones does no good, i guess some people forget who's the real enemy of the American People
The person that lies and covers for the Zionists is the enemy (Alex Jones) and the people who defend these treasonous liars are the enemy also. :-D
This info on A.J is somewhat convincing thumbs. but still you have to agree he's done alot for the "conspiracy movement" if you want to call it that, I'm reserving my judgement for a reason, and that is that I've heard him on Texe Marrs radioshow alot and he seems to talk about Zionism there, I have a suspicion that he plays both sides of the "game" if you know what I mean.

Your website is great, lots of info, I,m going to hold off on labeling AJ a traitor, I have my reasons! and this site here does'nt make him a Zionist. :-?

Great Website also!
great site there Comindown or whatever your nic is.

Texe Mars Website

A lot of people don't know this but Texe Marrs presided over and married Alex and his wife in his church, Alex and Texe go back many years, I've heard Alex go into alot of Zionist stuff on his show, but that proves nothing, I'll reserve judgement. :-o great article here by Texe. if doomsday is your thing. you never know!
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