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Peace be unto you Nemo,

You said it all regarding organized religion, however i have to draw your attention to a call from God, a modern call for us all to return to the original, balanced, free, pure religion of Abraham, which is called "Submission"

That religion was and is from God with messengers along the history, but everytime God sent a messenger, Satan used the messenger to bind people in slavery to him, this happened with Ezra, Jesus and Muhammad.

Those who devote themselves to God ALONE are the minority, they are destined to get united through one final message "Quran" in order to opoose Satan and his evil scheme.

I invite you to read even a little of it from the (Authorized english translation by the messenger of God, Rashad Khalifa) who was assasinated in 1990 by the corrupt muslims who ironically NEVER use Quran , you can find this message from outer space designed specially for you as an individual on many places on the internet.

If you chose to read alittle, and felt any truth in the text, you may also assure your heart by verifying the incontrovertible proof of the text, a super-human mathematical composition (easy to understand) that was revealed in 1974 through Rashad Khalifa, (1406 lunar year according to the Submission calendar after the revelation of Quran) amazingly 1406=19x74, moreover 19 is the building block of the universe and Quran, and is mentioned only once in the 6346 verses of Quran in chapter 74.

For an introduction to the miracle:

Peace again
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